Self Watering Pots – 4 Inch (Pack of 3)


  • Durable Planter light in weight,
  •  For all type of indoor plants, table top plants, herbs and even vegetables,outdoor plant
  •  10x8x11 cm
  •  600cc


Before setup fill central well with potting media and press it to compact

  1. Fit the black water tube into its connector and then place the plant into the pot and plant as usual – use of a soil-less media is highly recommended for all self-watering plots.
  2. Initially, water from the top, wetting the whole mass of growing media and allowing water to collect in the reservoir below. Repeat this procedure for next
    3-4 watering. If the water comes out discolored, discard and clean reservoir cup.
  3. Subsequently, start watering through the water tubes. This way only clean fresh water will collect in the transparent reservoir cup.
  4. Fertilizers can be also added to the water in the reservoirs cup.


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