Omaxe Herb Seeds Pack of 4(Chives, Chamomile, Sweet Fennel, Rucola Leaves)


  •  Each Packet Contains 30-50 Seeds
  •  Growing Season: Annual
  •  Sow at Night Temperature is 20-25°C
  •  Sowing Method: Seedling and Directly.


There’s nothing like the taste of herbs picked fresh from your own garden!
They’re so easy to grow, whether in beds, borders, containers or on windowsills and with our full range of seeds
and plants, growing your own herbs has never been easier.
How to Grow Herbs Outdoor: You can grow herbs outside in a dedicated herb garden, a raised bed, a vegetable plot
or even amongst the flowers in your borders! Herbs come in an array of different foliage and flower colours so they
can be both decorative and useful for culinary purposes.
Growing Herbs Indoors: Growing herbs indoors is convenient for harvesting and great for those without gardens.
Simply sow the seeds on the surface of damp, free-draining seed compost and sprinkle lightly with vermiculite.
Cover the container with a clear plastic bag or piece of glass and place somewhere bright and warm for the seeds
to germinate (about 18-20C). Once germinated remove the cover and grow on. Herbs need a bright position to grow well. You can treat windowsill herbs as cut-and-come-again crops, harvesting regularly to encourage new growth.


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