Geo Fabric Grow Bag Round 3


  • Geotextile fabric is made from BPA free plastics.
  •  Bag Size is 15x15x15(UPxLDxH) in inches
  •  Bag made by 500 GSM cloth
  •  Long Lasting and environment friendly
  •  Nice looking & with handle to carry


Geo Grow Bag Round 3

Designed with function and durability at the forefront, Geo Grow Bag Round 3 with Handles combine excellent breathability for heat regulation, high drainage, and sturdy construction to deliver a long lasting, dependable fabric pot product. The geotextile fabric is made from BPA free plastics. Geo Grow Bag Round 3 with Handles boast some of the thickest fabric material on the market, and are easily reusable and washable at the end of a season.


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