Curcuma Lily Bulbs (Pink – 3Bulb)


  •  3 bulbs pack of fresh Curcuma Lily Pink.
  •  Best time to plant grow: Rainy and Summers.
  •  Plant nature is outdoor loves full Sun, less watering.
  •  Blooms in bunch and colorful flowers.
  •  Useful for flower bed, gift plants, flower bouquet.


How to grow Curcuma Lily Bulbs:

Plant curcumas in spring. If you plant rhizomes(Bulbs), plant them at a depth of 4 inches. Set potted plants into the soil at the same depth at which they were growing in the pot. If you are mixing curcuma with other plants, consider curcuma to be midheight flowers – most reach between 18 and 24 inches. Unless you have a taller cultivar of curcuma, plant them behind low-growing ground covers, shorter flowers and herbs but in front of such tall plants as roses, bee balm and yarrow.


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